Pat Washington - The Glenbrook

After her husband died Pat Washington tried to make a go of staying put in their large family home but when her canine companion of some 16 years had to be put down that was it for Pat. “I was lonely and just didn’t feel safe any more”, she said. 

Elaine's solution for itchy feet

It was almost three years ago that Elaine Mitchell put her foot down and made the unilateral decision it was time she and husband Noel moved from their home in Mitcham to a more manageable retirement lifestyle. Noel’s reaction was that he couldn’t think of anything worse and her dog Tippi wasn’t all that keen on the idea either.

They looked at many retirement villages but it was The Glenbrook that really appealed. “You can walk into a place and it has a certain feel”, said Elaine, “And you know straight away it is right for you – that’s how Glenbrook struck us, it was so friendly.

“I wouldn’t have moved without my little dog Tippi, he is like another child, but fortunately having a dog at Glenbrook wasn’t a problem; they understand just how important pets are to their owners”. So nine-year-old Tippi fondly known as ‘little white fluffy guy’, became a Glenbrook resident too.

Moving to The Glenbrook has also been the perfect solution to Elaine’s itchy feet! She loves to travel but unfortunately Noel’s back cannot handle those long haul flights anymore. “Now we are here I can go away, knowing Noel is perfectly safe and secure and well looked after with everything at his finger tips. Last year I went with my daughter to Europe for five weeks and next May we are doing the same.

“Noel is happy; he has his computer and his TV, he goes to the Men’s Luncheons and participates in as little or as much as he feels like. Glenbrook is the perfect situation for both of us.”